How Mattress Affect your Body and sleep

How Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Your Body

One third of every day has been spent by us in the bed. Whether that time is spent in a blissful and slumbering manner or in a tossing and turning manner – depends completely on the mattress.

 “A person’s sleep is influenced by a mattress” says Michael Decker, PhD, RN, associate professor at Georgia state university and the spokesman for the American academy of sleep medicine. The one way in which our sleep is affected by the mattress is with the network of fine blood vessels, commonly called ‘capillaries’, that runs underneath the skin.Read our how good sleep help you to build muscle.

  Decker says that when we lie on any part of the body for a longer period of time, the weight of that part reduces the flow of blood through the blood vessels, which deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients. This makes us roll over as the nerve cells and pain sensors in the skin sends a message to the brain to roll over, which can restore blood flow to that area and so the sleep is briefly interrupted.

 Thus, a better night’s sleep can be provided by a mattress that reduces the pressure points on the body. Yet the ideal mattress differs for each person.Read this 5 steps to get better sleep.

A right mattress:

how mattress affect your sleep

A right mattress cannot be chosen with a high – tech brand or by spending most money. A high price tag is just a product of the materials used into the mattress and the marketing strategies that helps selling it. The price and brand name should not determine the goodness of the mattress. Instead, we should think about what we actually want in a mattress. Some people prefer a firmer mattress where as others prefer softer style.Nectar mattress is the right mattress for you.We wrote posts on nectar vs leesa mattress comparison,nectar vs purple mattress.

Though, we do not have a scientific evidence to prove that one type of mattress is better than other, people seem to rest easier on a specific mattress style according to their body conditions.

  • The mattress should not be too hard and not be too soft for a person with back or neck pain.
  • Our spine can feel the “just-right” balance of supporting and cushioning with a medium firm mattress or a firm mattress with a softer pillow top.
  • Elevation of head is recommended for the person with breathing problem and also to prevent night time heartburn. Thus an adjustable bed can be good for a head – raised sleep.
  • “ Hypoallergenic” beds  can be suitable for those with allergies or asthma.
  • Washable mattress serves good that it forms a barrier to prevent dust mites.

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Thus, a good choice of mattress ideally helps for a good sleep and a good sleep helps for a healthy life.

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