Nectar vs Leesa Mattress (Honest Review & Comparison)

A honest review of nectar and leesa sleep mattress.This nectar vs leesa comparison help you to choose best mattress.This comparison is based on expert opinion,customer review & brand.

Sleep is very curial for both physical as well as mental wellbeing. A good quality mattress can guarantee a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Nectar sleep mattress and Leesa are famous when it comes to an online foam mattress. Nectar is a new company and Leesa has been around for few years in the market. In spite of being a new company, Nectar mattress reviews are excellent and people are interested to know more about the nectar sleep mattress. Lets compare both Leesa and nectar, this will help you to make a better decision.

Nectar Mattress: Nectar is a new band in the mattress industry. The company was launched in 2017 and managed to gain huge attention due to affordable price and quality.Nectar mattress  is made using memory foam, the mattress is softer and light for the sleeper. The mattress offers better firmness and offers 365 nights trial periods. It is made using cotton and Tencel and is highly environmentally friendly. Nectar coupon code can be used to avail great discounts.

Leesa Mattress:Leesa is an established name in the mattress industry. The mattress is 3 layered with one layer of Aveena foam and 2 memory foam. Leesa offers comfortable mattress at a great price.

Nectar vs Leesa

Similarities of Leesa and Nectar Mattress

Both nectar and Leesa mattress are all-foam mattresses with good trial period and return policies. Both Leesa and nectar sleep mattress contain at least some memory foam.Read this nectar mattress review.

Difference between Leesa and Nectar Sleep Mattress

nectar mattress reviews

Different Manufacturer: Nectar mattress is manufactured in China whereas Leesa mattress is made in the USA.

Costing: Nectar mattress are available for $795, you can make use of nectar mattress coupon to avail $125 discount. Lessa mattress is $940 for queen size.

Brand Value:  Nectar sleep mattress is new on the market, this is the reason nectar mattress promo code is used to promote the brand. Leesa is a well-established company.

Internal Layering: Nectar mattress is made of two layers of memory foam. The first layer is made using memory foam, it provides cooling and comfort to the sleeper. The second layer offers great support for the sleeper. Whereas Leesa makes use of Aveena foam instead of memory foam to provide comfort and support to the sleepers.

Bounce Rate: The bounce rate of Leesa is more whereas the memory foam available in nectar sleep mattress offers great support to the body and also reduces bounce rate. Nectar coupon code can be used to get the mattress at a discounted value.

Sinkage: Nectar mattress is made using memory foam hence the sinkage. The sleepers can just sink into the mattress comfortably.  Leesa mattress offers less sinkage.

Thickness: Nectar sleep mattress is an 11-inches memory foam mattress which offers great comfort during sleep hours, lessa mattress is 1 inch less thick than nectar.

Leesa Mattress Construction

The top layer of Leesa is made using Aveena foam and it is similar to latex foam. The bounce rate is high. The second layer is made using memory foam which offers pressure relief and comfort to the sleepers. Leesa mattress provides a cool, comfortable and relaxing experience to the sleepers.

Nectar Mattress Construction

Nectar mattress is made using 3 different foam layer. The top layers consist of gel memory to remove heat and give cooling effect to the sleeper. The second laters offers support and is made using 3 inches memory form. The last layer is also a thin layer of memory foram, it offers good pressure relief and comfort to the sleepers.Nectar sleep mattress helps you to sleep better at night naturally.

Construction Difference

Thickness: The nectar mattress is 11 inches thicker whereas Leesa is 10 inches thick.

The Material used in the Layer: Nectar mattress uses 3 different layers of memory foam whereas Leesa mattress is made with latex-like foam.

Bounce Rate: The bounce rate of Leesa mattress is high due to the use of Aveena foam. Nectar sleep mattress offers lower bounce rate.

Cooling: Both the mattress offer better cooling but Leesa mattress offers more breathability.

Durability: Both Leesa and nectar offer good durability.

Firmness: Nectar mattress is softer and cozy. The Leesa mattress makes use of Aveena foam layer, this increases the firmness.

Motion Transfer: Both the mattress offers good motion transfer but nectar mattress makes use of memory foam layers so the bounce rate is lower than Leesa mattress.

Here are some tips which will help you to decide the best sleeping mattress

  1. Manufacturer: Leesa mattress is made in the USA, while nectar is a China product.

2.Cost Difference: Nectar mattress is cheaper than the Leesa mattress. You can also make use of nectar mattress coupon code to avail great discounts.

  1. Brand Reputation: Nectar is a new company, while Leesa is a well establish the mattress company.
  2. Shipping: Due to the low rate and high demand, nectar company is facing shipping delays.
  3. Firmness: The nectar sleep mattress is softer and offers good support than the Leesa.
  4. Feel: Nectar mattress is made using memory foam, so the-the feel is soft and comfy.
  5. Customer satisfaction: The overall customer satisfaction rate of nectar mattress is 9.3 and Leesa has a score of 9.5 out of 10.

8.Price value: The price value of Leesa matters is 9.3 and nectar mattress has a price value of 9.8.

Review Summary

The nectar mattress offers medium firmness since the cover fabrics are made using Tencel and cotton. The overall 11 inches thick mattress provides great support to the back and neckline, while Leesa mattress is made using Polyester Lycra fabric.The overall weight of Leesa mattress is 42 – 92 lb. Both the mattress are available in almost all prominent size such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.

Nectar mattress is sturdy and affordable, but the shipping can take more time. The nectar company is also working on their customer services.  Leesa mattress is excellent with good air flow. You get an added benefit of a zipper with Leesa mattress. But, sinkage is the biggest drawback.

Overall both the mattresses are good. Based on the review, both Leesa and nectar mattress serves the purpose.

We hope this nectar vs leesa comparison help you to select best mattress for you.We recommend you to use nectar mattress.

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